Can anybody be a recruiter?


The property market model is changing with the advent of online property agents with a centralised call centre and the vendor conducting all the viewings. High street travel agents have been forced to provide ever more specialist services to remain viable. With the vast amount of information available online people are thinking they can sell their own property and organise their own holiday. Can an organisation miss out the middle man of the recruitment agency?

Recruitment is a specialised field. Here are some areas to look at when debating whether to use a recruitment agency or start your own online search.

This article by Mukul Agarwal provides some interesting points:
1. Recruiters are best at Networking.

This is a critical skill of every recruitment agency. Depending on the type of business, recruiters are always keen to build a connected community. Well known recruiters are always important for spreading the word that the organisation is hiring. Great recruitment agents build their network offline and online.

2. Recruiters maintain coordination with all the teams.

Recruiters are experienced at coordinating the recruitment process and take numbers seriously when looking at the right number of candidates, number of interviewers required etc. Recruiters are also experienced at co-ordinating job requirements in the correct industry language.
shutterstock_2145959023. Recruiters are patient.

An active recruiter will often spend a huge portion of their day on the phone to potential candidates. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to discuss a role and carefully listen to candidates. Recruiters have to be good listeners to be able to source potential candidates which will fit the role.

4. Remember a recruiter is representing your company.

A recruiter is working with you to facilitate hiring and in doing so is also promoting your organisation. Recruiters are conducting hiring events, investing in press coverage and online media and in doing so are representing your company. Using an internal resource with conflicting priorities to manage your recruitment may be a short sighted way to execute your recruitment needs.

google-places-image5. Recruitment technology.

A recruitment agency will have established recruitment management tools avoiding reliance on a mountain of emails or worst still of paper files. Professional recruiters have made their work more automated and technology driven to bring more accurate results in lesser time.

6. Patience, patience and more patience

The norm is the process won’t go to plan. A recruiter needs to have the time and patience level to re-think the strategy. Rushed, haphazard actions can have a major impact on the recruitment process. Frequently interviews need to be re-scheduled or the most interested candidate suddenly decides an internal promotion is the preferred option.


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