And some more ideas for your CV…..

CVs continue to be one of the main tools in recruitment. Ignore at your peril regularly updating your CV. If you are looking for a role in a competitive environment then a simple word document may be insufficient to stand out from the crowd and so it’s always worthwhile having a look at other CVs to obtain some ideas.

Perhaps start by having a CV in a classic word format. This is your standard CV and provides you with the data to feed different formats.

An article by Sophie Down provides some creative alternative ideas:
1. An Infographic CV

Infographics have become a popular way to communicate data so why not follow the trend for your
CV? Perhaps send the infographic as well as your CV in a standard word document.

infographic CV 640735fb7f1729875805a5a7da2d0fdb

Credit: Zhi Liang

2.  The Google Analytics CV

Credit : Simon Fortunini

3. The Illustrative CV

illustrative cv 0c6a4a63-984b-4b19-824d-fea106a8af59-509x720

Credit : Monica Gomes

  1. The Google Search CV

google search cv 23

Credit : Eric Gandhi

  1. The Box CV
    the box cv 7fd0de13-0443-4f9e-8571-4f0cdb57ad59-622x720

Credit : Omondi Abudho

Before you let your creativity run wild always think through your audience and what their expectations will be. If you are applying for a creative role then it’s a great idea to show how creative you can be, but if you are applying to work as an accountant it is better to stick with a traditional CV. It’s good to stand out from the crowd but maybe not to be so different that the interviewer cannot see you as a team player. Whatever you do, if you are going to position yourself with an eye catching CV make sure it is well executed – easy to read, no spelling or grammar errors, factually correct and simple for the interviewer to email to other people on the interview panel.

If you would like to learn more about what CVs have proven effective and how ISL Recruitment work with applicants please contact us.

Although this article has many interesting points for debate the opinion expressed in the article doesn’t necessarily represent the opinion of ISL Recruitment.


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