The start of a New Year and a new job?

It’s not unusual to be made redundant and suddenly find yourself out in the cold looking at your job prospects. The challenge of finding the right job in the right location with the right benefits package can be tough, especially if you are under financial pressure. An article by Robert Wright gives some tips on how to stay positive and improve your position in the recruitment market:

1. Do some volunteering

shutterstock_208130986 (1)If nothing else doing some voluntary work will make you feel good about yourself. It will certainly get you back working in a team environment and employers always want to see that you’ve been busy inbetween roles and not just job hunting. Great examples are as an accountant providing a free book keeping services for a charity or if you have IT skills working for a local school or college.

2. Work on your network
downloadThe most effective way of short circuiting getting back to work is having and using your network. You will have an existing network of friends, ex-colleagues and family which you should make sure you are continuing to be connected with. Look at your LinkedIn profile and see what connections you can make. If you still have gaps explore events, conferences and seminars in your industry.

3. Take a break

email-marketing-300x169It is a common mistake to think you need to job hunt all day every day. Make sure you are giving yourself time to have a break away from job hunting and relax with friends and family, as you would have done when you were working full time. As with all work you need to be fresh in order to be effective.

If you are booking a holiday, try and book during quiet recruitment times around the normal holiday seasons.

4. Look at temporary or contract workshutterstock_206749171-300x199

Many, many people make their career out of freelancing. It may not be for you in the long term, but whilst you are job hunting it is the perfect way of keeping your skills fresh, building contacts and of course earning money.

5. Do your own online audit

resources_app2x-300x289Check what everyone else is seeing about you. Carefully go through your Facebook page and check there is nothing there you would prefer a potential employer not to see. Check your LinkedIn page and make sure your profile is up to date and accurately portrays who you are. Is your online presence helping or hindering your job hunting activities?

Perhaps checking your online presence should be the first thing to do on your activity list!

So, the start of a New Year, and time for some new energy for securing that perfect job. Please  contact us to discuss how we can help.


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