The 7 simple rules of modern recruitment

The 7 simple rules of modern recruitment
autoresponders-free-email-marketing-trialHave the rules of recruitment really changed that much with the progression of technology?  At ISL Recruitment we embrace change whilst remembering the traditional values and skills of an effective recruitment agency.  An article byMaura McElhone summarizes what she considers to be some of the key rules in modern recruitment:

1. Include outbound email marketing campaigns in your marketing plan
Most employed people are open to new opportunities. Make sure you are targeting employed people in your campaigns – you never know your ideal candidate may be tempted.

2. Get your content right
Accept that applicants will be looking online for information about the role or company and  make sure they are being portrayed as you would wish. The information provided may be the first point of contact.

shutterstock_2067491713. Put the candidate first
If you are looking for applicants where their skills are in demand it is vital it is easy for the candidate to apply for the position. Look at the whole process, from the recruiting content published and the way you deliver the interview process to the measures put in place to confirm employee satisfaction. Keep potential candidates informed of opportunities and existing talented employees engaged.

shutterstock_213228463(1)4. Don’t be too shy to collaborate
If you’re a recruitment agency start thinking of yourself as an online marketing agency. The core challenge for a recruitment agency remains the same – matching a role to the most suitable and available candidate. The only difference is the channels to market. Work with your colleagues to produce and execute your online marketing plan.

5. Don’t forget mobile
43% of job seekers look to their mobile phones to search for opportunities, and 62% of passive candidates have viewed a company’s careers site on mobile.  Make your online content mobile friendly.

6. Invest in your employer brand
The term employer brand is all about your reputation in the market place as an employer. You may already be known for producing a great product for service, but if you’re also known as terrible to work for you may have a problem recruiting the talent you desire.

stock-footage-business-people-working-hard-together-at-the-office7. Don’t forget outbound
Think of content on the internet as a means of saving time distributing information and a way of moving a candidate forward. A phone call or a personal email can be both a welcome and very effective way of moving an already interested candidate one step closer to applying for the role.

If you are an employer looking at how to resolve gaps in your pool of talent pleasecontact us to discuss how we can help.


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